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Yeahhhhh, I haven't been around for a while, (not that I share much so it's not really a big problem, hah) but i feel like i should explain my 'absence,' when someone gave me an invite to join DW and i'd feel terrible if i didn't use it :(

So the main thing: Year 12. Imagine a giant boot. Imagine said giant boot kicking you in the face. A hundred times. VCE ( Victorian Certificate of Education ) is basically this: have 5 hours of homework every night, then have a SAC ( tests, basically ) every week for one of your 5 classes, and then what? At the end of the year an exam for each class that makes up 60% of your mark for that class. yeah, not a typo. It's completely absurd the way it's run, and yet it hasn't changed at all :l

Admittedly, I really have no right to complain ( everyone has jobs, their own schooling, etc. etc. etc. ) but I feel like I should give a quick (not so quick, now, hah) reasoning for why i'm basically disappearing from the sims community ( this includes GoS, i really need to get back into regular updating, I feel horrible :/ )

Also, i've really just started to hate the sims :l it sounds horrible, but there's nothing keeping me playing? I'm hoping the new TS3 expansion pack will make me a bit more interested, but then i'm worried it'll just prolong the inevitable? Plus there's Dragon Age, which is ultra fun :D
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