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2010-05-03 08:01 pm
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DOWNLOAD: Accident & Emergency - 9 Vintage DC Posters

Something I whipped up just for fun this afternoon after seeing them on tumblr, and they were just begging to be made into Sims 2 Posters!

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2010-05-03 06:53 pm
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DOWNLOAD: I Remember Learning How To Dive

I lost most of the newer files from this when my computer decided to implode, but here's 25 Vintage Military Posters!
From a Poster site I can't remember the name of right now, hope you like them, they're the WIP from a post a couple down, not all pictured sorry! If there's any problems, feel free to post and I'll fix them (There might be, i haven't checked them since :S) On 'Surfing The Universe' and the Uni team poster.

Pictures HERE


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2010-05-01 02:53 pm
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Content Question :]

Do you think anyone'd be interested in lip versions (with more colours of course) of Peggy's October '06 skintones? I like the lips and they're almost a perfect match for my own (and i'm making a selfsim right now) so I'm thinking of doing those for something fun. But have they already been made? Augh it's hard to know whether somethings been made or not.
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2010-04-04 10:36 pm
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Picspam! Decided to create a new sim, with tatts to match!


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2009-12-30 03:39 pm
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WIP: Retro Military Posters

Will probably post them to here when I'm done :3

Anyway, this is what I wrote in the creations thread at GoS:

"Ack, back in the creations thread with new stuff :/
These are vintage posters, so far there's 20 done (not all pictured here, obviously) and about 22 more to do, oh god. There's military/propaganda posters, pinups, biohazard/nuclear posters, and some misc stuff. I'm enjoying it so far, most of them are on 'Surfing the Universe' with a few on the small team poster thing, also from Uni. A lot have probably been done before, but I know there'll be some that people haven't done. I don't know when it'll be done, it's coming along slowly (making 42 posters in one sitting is not my idea of fun :/)"



I have about 10 more to do in this set, I'll post those, then move onto the pin-ups and such :)

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2009-12-28 09:50 pm
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TS2 Picspam!

Not really an 'asylum' or 'survivor challenge' per se, more like 'add 8 sims, ACR, free will, and a host of amusing items' challenge. Inspired by pennysims and pooklet asylum & survivor challenges respectively, there's only comments on the photos i like and this ISN'T a series, just a whole bunch of pretty pictures :)

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2009-11-08 07:52 pm
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more crap no-one cares about hooray for me


stuff i've posted elsewhere, or haven't, as of last year or something.

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